Shari Gaines

“I've always had the desire to create art but I never pursued art in school. Once my children left the nest I decided it was time for me to do something to take my art to the next level. Searching for instruction I came across Barbara's ad and my whole life changed.
When I first started Barbara asked many questions so she could tailor her instruction to my needs. She asked me what medium I wanted to work in, what subjects interested me, what art styles I found appealing, etc. She had me pick up just a few supplies and then we started on my first canvas. Gosh, was I nervous! Within a few minutes I was put right at ease. She taught me about the importance of values (how light or dark something is) and how to mix colors. It was FUN!  By the first lesson I was energized and excited as I saw those first few



Nicki Rose said...

". . .the acrylic painting you worked with me on . . . has won a second place prize in the Lake Superior Art Association Member's Show
in Marquette [Michigan] . . . .

I often hear your words in my head as I paint . . . I would be honored to give you praise for your very personalized teaching skills. There was a lot of intense thinking going on in those sessions, delving deeper into a spiritual place
while detaching ourselves




Suzanne Saltman said...

"On my 50th birthday, my friends had a small gathering to celebrate my birthday.
They gave me $50 to spend on something I really wanted, and I told them that I was going to purchase some watercolor paints and begin a class in painting. That is how I met Barbara Anders Hodge who has opened up a whole new world for me.

I began private lessons with her at her home, and she taught me the basics. First, by demonstrating how to create a basic landscape, then having me try the technique myself as she watched. Within a few lessons, I was able to feel proud of the rudimentary paintings that I did.













strokes turn into a bench, a path and a real-looking lake (from a photo of my own choosing).

By constantly asking questions, Barbara let me figure things out for myself. She was always encouraging. ‘I think you can handle this,’ she would say. I would bring in what I had worked on at home and we would critique the work. Was she nit-picky? Yes! I wouldn't have it any other way. She never accepted sub-par work but would help me understand what needed to be done and why. This approach allowed me to truly grow as a real artist. Each lesson she would take out one of her art books and we would discuss art styles and color and history. She ignited such a passion in me and for that I can't thank her enough!”






from noisey and distracting daily activities. Going to see you was like going to a quiet chapel where I could see some part of my inner self. Exhausting? Sometimes, yeah, but rewarding and confidence building; helping me see myself as an artist and not just a hobbiest.

Thank you for all that and I
sure miss it."







I also learned techniques of creating my own colors, often starting with a “neutral” mix and adding small amounts of color until it matched exactly the color I was trying to reproduce. I learned so much every time I was with her! Within a year I was actually entering a few of my paintings in a juried art show, and having some of them accepted. I began to feel like a real artist!

I would highly recommend Barbara to anyone who is interested in learning to paint, or wanting to upgrade their skills. She is a gentle, encouraging, and highly skilled artist and art teacher."









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Painting by Shari Gaines
hooked in oil

Painting by Nicki RoseNikiRosePainting.jpgPainting by Suzanne SaltmanscanSuzanne'sWoman&FishPtg.jpg